Refuting the irrefutable [2]

As I expected, after publishing the first part of this article, a visitor jumped to refute basically everything I posted there, and qualifying Qur'an as only "book of signs and teachings", not of science.

Well, first of all, I never said the Qur'an is a Book of science - it doesn't even claim to be that. The Qur'an is a revelation from God, a Guide to Humanity and a Light. It does indeed contain scientific facts which were discovered much later - but it is not Qur'ans function to be a scientific book - these facts mentioned in it function rather as a proof that the book itself is from God.

At the end of the article, I posted a verse where God emphasises, while talking about resurrection, that he can even recreate a humans fingertips - a clear indication of the uniqueness of the fingertips, which are, logically, used to make fingerPRINTS as an identifying marker. The restless user attacked this view by insisting that the Qur'an "does not talk about fingerprints, but fingertips" ...

It is clear that his insisting on this is not based on the ignorance that the fingerprints are indeed made through fingerTIPS - basically EVERYONE knows this - but it is more just an attempt to say ANYTHING just to attack the Truth, and shut the eyes before the light.

The same goes for the description of the development of the embryo in the Qur'an, where they repeat the old LIES that the Qur'an copied that from Galen - where in fact Galen is WRONG while the statements in the Qur'an are absolutely, irrefutably, scientifically, 100% correct. When they have nothing more then they go as far as to say that the world renown embryologist Dr. Keith Moore was "paid" by Muslims to say that the Qur'an is in concordance with modern embryology. Some, even LIE about it, saying that Moore said in his later book The Developing Human, that "Qur'an is also based on the wrong claims on Galen". This is an outright lie, which anyone can check - just read p. 8-9 of the mentioned book.

To this one bashing visitor, and other people who want do deny the truth without ANY evidence, but rather with twisting words, I would like to bring some more "material", that they might dwell in.

Here for example an interesting thing about the Qur'an:

Bedouins and Space Shuttles

Imagine, there was a guy, living in the 7th century, yet he had a bunch of artificial scanning satellites, a space shuttle, high-precision cameras, a super-computer and highly modern measurement equipment - and he did what with all this? Well, he thought, I am going to scan the earth from orbit!

Doesn't this sound implausible? Indeed it does.

Of course there were no such things as cameras, satellites, etc. in the 7th century. Yet this guy somehow managed to precisely measure the earth, its landmasses and waters. How could he do that without all this equipment which only became available in the late 20th century?

You are right, no "guy" could have done that in the 7th century. It simply defies logic. But then, why do we find this in the Qur'an:

The word "sea" throughout the book is mentioned totally 32 times, while the word "land" is mentioned 13 times. The sum is 45. Now ponder on the following: 32 out of 45 is 71.11111%, and 13 out of 45 is 28.88889%. And what is the ratio of water and land on planet earth? Exactly: 71.1111% to 28.8889%!

How could the Qur'an, being only a writ of "Arab Bedouins" from the 7th century know this?

Anyone trying to "refute" this, in any way, only shows that they have no evidence whatsoever, then out of pure spite and hatred of the Truth, will do anything to fight it, as Qur'an clearly puts it in the 3rd chapter, verse 118:

They only desire your ruin: Rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths: What their hearts conceal is far worse. We have made plain to you the Signs, if ye have wisdom.

Now, let us dig deeper. Literally. Consider this verse of the Qur'an:

And We sent down iron, in which is (material for) mighty war, as well as many benefits for mankind. (57:25)

The likes of some of our denying visitors in the 7th century must have also laughed about Muhammad, peace be upon him, when he recited this verse. "Oh, so your God sent down iron? What, like, from the sky? Riiight ..."

Fools. If they only knew ...

It just so happens, that the modern science, once more, testifies that iron, as an element, is alien to earth - the whole quantity of iron in the crust of the earth came from outer space, through iron meteors.

While some might say that the ancient people maybe knew iron comes from meteorites, it's quite possible, still, they couldn't have known that all the iron is alien. In any case, the Qur'an is explicit in saying that it is God who sent it down. No maybes.

But that is not our main interest here. This is:

The iron

There is an interesting thing in the Qur'an about iron, which most assuredly no ancient civilization could have known: There is a chapter called "The Iron" in Qur'an. It is the chapter no. 57. Well, it just so happens that 57 is also an isotope of iron. Pure chance of course ... And completely incidentally, the word for iron in Qur'an is "El Hadid" - the gematrical value of the word is - what? - also 57!

If we remove the article "El" - the equivalent of the english "The", then the numerical value is 26. And what might that be? Lo and behold, it is the atomic number of iron!

And did you know, that also totally coincidentally, the Qur'an has 114 chapters, and chapter 57 is sort of the MIDDLE of the book? And iron has 28 isotopes (incl. radioactive ones, from 45 to 72) thus isotope 57 being also in the middle? In fact, even more astonishing: There are 12 words in this verse before the word "Iron". And there are 15 words after it. And guess how many isotopes of iron are there before isotope 57 and after isotope 57!

Moreover iron is a group 8 (value of "h"), period 4 (value of "d"), block "d" element (HDD - root word of Hadid)

There are 28 words in the verse where iron is mentioned - the same number as there are isotopes. And iron has 2,8,14,2 electrons per shell. Notice the visual coincidence here: 2 8 | 14*2.

As a side note: Notice how the sum of this verse's position equals 19! (57:25 = 5+7+2+5)


The Bee

What about it? Well, it was for centuries an unknown fact that only the female bees are workers that gather food. And this is what Qur'an states in the Chapter "The Bee":

And thy Lord taught the Bee to build its cells in hills, on trees, and in (men's) habitations; Then to eat of all the produce (of the earth), and find with skill the spacious paths of its Lord ...

So? Nothing spectacular you say? Not in english, no. But wait, what is the gender of the word Nahl (bee) used here? Yep, exactly.



Nay, if he desist not (lying), We shall most surely drag him down upon his forehead, the LYING, rebellious forehead! (Qur'an, 96:15-16)

Germany's University of Tübingen recently tested the function of the anterior prefrontal cortex (forehead) - the neuroscience research shows that the apc (forehead) part in the brain is responsible for lying ... My dear unbelievers, how could have Muhammad known that?

(articles series continues)

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