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Refuting the irrefutable [2]

As I expected, after publishing the first part of this article, a visitor jumped to refute basically everything I posted there, and qualifying Qur'an as only "book of signs and teachings", not of science.

The Peak of Hypocrisy

So, Obama got Osama, and everybody in the west is celebrating. Naturally. Because this "terrorist" killed 3000 americans on 9/11. Has anyone of those celebrating people ever stopped to think WHY would Osama do this?

David's murky water

In every debate where Mr. David Wood participates you can almost be 100% sure of one thing: He will most assuredly bring the "argument" (against Qur'an) of the sun setting in a sea of murky water (Qur'an 18:86).

The Doubter

In his text "Islam's Rule of Thumb", Mr. David Wood claims that "the Muslim criterion for determining divine inspiration in a text is the impressiveness of its literary style" and since Qur'an is "extraordinarily unimpressive" it's not from God. As I shall show below, he is wrong in both cases.


On January 14, 2010, Benjamin Creme, self proclaimed messenger of the "Master" and Maitreya, announced that the World Teacher, the awaited Messiah, the Mahdi, and Christ - Maitreya - had given his first public tv interview in the United States to a "large TV station" and was viewed by "millions of people" on live TV as well as on the internet.

The Dawkins Delusion

Quite a huge goal, the one Mr. Dawkins has put on himself with his book "The God Delusion". By the end of reading it, according to him, the reader would become atheist. Hm. Didn't quite work on me.

Refuting the irrefutable

Almost all christian apologists, when confronted with scientific miracles in the Qur'an, try to belittle those, or dismiss them as "interpretations". Some even go as far as to simply refuse to consider them as having anything to do with science.

Paulianism: How Saul of Tarsus hijacked Christianity

If you happen to have a debate with a Christian, the majority of quotes he will bring to defend the case of Jesus' death and resurrection as well as the doctrine of atonement, will inevitably come from some letter of a man called Saul of Tarsus, better known as Paul. You will hear quotes from Galatians, Colossians, Timothy, Thessalonians, etc. - letters Paul wrote to different churches and persons in his time.

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